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Release date
16th August

Regular Price
Free Download, $0.99 Full game

Social Titans
Based in New York, New York

Social Titans



About Terra Monsters

Terra Monsters is an open world creature capturing game. Originally released by the New York based company Social Titans as a massively multiplayer Facebook game. With already over 2 Million users and over 100k likes on the Facebook page, a brand new Terra Monster game is coming to iOS and Android in August.

Terra Monsters has 10 open regions to explore and 178 Terra Monsters based on real animals that users can catch, care for, train and battle. Users progress through the game by taking on quests given by the population of the Dart Region. Users interact with their Terra Monsters in battle by setting the move and strength by using the ‘power wheel.’ Each player has their own ranch where they can feed, rest, assign Talent Points on the talent tree and heal their monsters. “Terra Monsters gives users an open world adventure experience that is lost when a player simply progresses through the world by a point and click minimap” - Andrew Shkreli, Social Titans Co-founder.

Terra Monsters will be free to download and users can play through the first island before hitting a paywall. The full game costs $0.99 and will be available on iPhone, iPad, and both Android mobile and tablet devices in August 2013.

Game Features

- 178 unique Terra Monsters
- Over 200 moves can be learnt by Terra Monsters
- Users control moves in battle with the Power Wheel. The power wheel sets power and accuracy and is a test of skill for users.
- 9 Different towns in an open world. Each town has its own region where players can explore battle and catch Terra Monsters.
- Users can assign Talent Traits to Terra Monsters. Every 3 levels a Terra Monster earns a Talent Point which can be spent on either Attacking Traits or Defensive Traits - such as increased Melee Attack Bonus or %HP restore after every move.
- Tournament Battles with 7 Badges to Collect. Win 4 consecutive battles in colosseums without resting to become the town champion.
- Captivating storyline
- Terra Monsters already has a thriving community with over 2 million users on the MMO web version of the game, with 134k likes on facebook and 750k views on the youtube trailers.

Game Trailers

Terra Monsters Animated Trailer
Terra Monsters Gameplay Video
Terra Monsters Beta Gameplay on Samsung S3


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Cackyll Vs Tortitank Battle

Cyclonine Vs Carnivice Battle

Oaklore Vs Chibmera Battle

Title Screen

World View

Talent Tree